Altug Ekici

Early Stage Researcher, MPG


Research Project: Land surface-atmosphere feedback mechanisms in high-latitude permafrost areas

Supervisor: Dr Christian Beer (Stockholm University)
Secondary Supervisor: Prof Torben Christensen (Lund University)

Project Description

Further extend the JSBACH terrestrial biosphere model to include a representation of the vertical distribution of soil organic C. This model will then be used to analyse potential future soil C and vegetation dynamics in response to environmental change in the Arctic, with an emphasis on implications for the radiative balance of the atmosphere and related feedback mechanisms.

Selected Publications

  • Ekici A, Beer C, Hagemann S and Hauck C. 2013. Improved soil physics for simulating high latitude permafrost regions by the JSBACH terrestrial ecosystem model. Geoscientific Model Development Discuss. 6, 2655-2698 doi:10.5194/gmdd-6-2655-2013