Dr Aideen Foley

Experienced Researcher, UCAM


Research Project: Quantifying uncertainty in Earth system feedbacks to 2200

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Friend (University of Cambridge)
Secondary Supervisor: Dr Georg Feulner (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research )

Project Description

T5.1 will draw on all other network projects to develop and analyse an integrated framework for Earth system modelling, including socio-economic feedbacks. The SIMEARTH model platform will be used to develop a system of linkages and traceability across the hierarchy of GCII ESM components. SIMEARTH will be used to assess the consequences of different levels of complexity for model outcomes related to interactions between global biogeochemistry and climate.

Selected Publications

  • Foley A M, Dalmonech D, Friend A D, Aires F, Archibald A, Bartlein P, Bopp L, Chappellaz J, Cox P, Edwards N R, Feulner G, Friedlingstein P, Harrison S P, Hopcroft P O, Jones C D, Kolassa J, Levine J G, Prentice I C, Pyle J, Vázquez Riveiros N, Wolff E W and Zaehle S. 2013. Evaluation of biospheric components in Earth system models using modern and palaeo observations: the state-of-the-art. Biogeosciences Discuss, 10 (7), 10937-10995. doi:10.5194/bgd-10-10937-2013