Rozenn Keribin

Early Stage Researcher, UCAM


Research Project: Diversity, adaptability, and terrestrial ecosystem reslience

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Friend (University of Cambridge)
Secondary Supervisor: Dr Drew Purves (Microsoft Research Limited, Cambridge)

Project Description

Extend an individual-based model of vegetation dynamics to treat the natural diversity and adaptability of physiology within individuals, species, and communities. The model will be carefully tested against key observations and consequences for the resilience of ecosystems in different regions and under different scenarios of climate and CO2 change will be assessed.

Selected Publications

  • Friend AD, Lucht W, Rademacher TT, Keribin R, Betts R, Cadule P, Ciais P, Clark DB, Dankers R, Falloon PD, Ito A, Kahana R, Kleidon A, Lomas MR, Nishina K, Sebastian Ostberg S, RPavlick R, Peylin P, Schaphoff S, Vuichard N, Warszawski L, Wiltshire A, Woodward FI. Carbon residence time dominates uncertainty in terrestrial vegetation responses to future climate and atmospheric CO2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in press
  • Warszawski L, Friend A, Ostberg S, Frieler K, Lucht W, Schaphoff S, Beerling D, Cadule P, Ciais P, Clark DB, Kahana R, Ito A, Keribin R, Kleidon A, Lomas M, Nishina K, Pavlick R, Rademacher TT, Buechner M, Piontek F, Schewe J, Serdeczny O, Schellnhuber HJ. A multi-model analysis of risk of ecosystem shifts under climate change. Environmental Research Letters, in press