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GREENCYCLES Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Research and Training Network

Associated project partners

University of Southern Bohemia, Bratislava, Slovakia

University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland

Centre for Alpine Research, Trento, Italy

Relevant training opportunities and Conferences  


Marie Curie iLEAPS workshop "Current understanding of how integrated land ecosystematmosphere processes influence climate dynamics", Hyères, France (17-21/11/2008)

Summer School "Climate changes in the Mediterranean area", Leonforte, Italia (6-10/09/2008)

QUEST-Earth System Science summer school, University of Bristol, United Kingdom (1-12/09/2008)

4th ESA EO Summer School on "Earth System Monitoring & Modelling", ESRIN Frascati, Italia (4-14/08/2008)

JUTF summer school on "uncertainty in ecosystem modelling", Aberdeen University, United Kingdom (30/06-6/07/2008)

Advanced Courses on "Trends in Plant Ecophysiology and Ecosystem Ecology Research", Palermo, Italia (23-27/06/2008)

Alpine Summer School on "Interaction and Coevolution of Climate and Biosphere", Valsaranche, Italia (2-11/06/2008)

Summer School on Airborne Cloud and Aerosol Science (ACAS), organised by EUFAR, Utrecht, The Netherlands, (11-24/04/2007)

Workshop on eddy covariance flux measurements of CH4 and N2O exchanges, Hyytiälä, Finland (8 -11/04/2008)

ERCA, Grenoble, France (07/0108-09/02/2008). Read more on ERCA-2008




QUEST Young Scientists Network workshop "Using isotope data to better quantify components of the nitrogen cycle", Bristol, UK (26/10/2007).

SOLAS summer school, Cargese, France (22/10-03/11/2007).

MarieCurie iLEAPS workshop, "Towards a process-based description of trace gas emissions in land surface models" Helsingborg, Sweden (16-19/10/2007).

ESF-MedCLIVAR workshop on "Connections between Mediterranean and global climate variability", La Londe les Maures, France (8-10/10/2007).

ESF-ACCENT-CNRS-GEIA Summer School on "Surface emissions and prediction of atmospheric composition changes", Ile d'Oléron, France (11-20/09/2007).

QUANTIFY Summer School, Athens, Greece (10-26/09/2007).

QUEST Earth System Science summer school, University of Bristol, UK (10-21/09/2007).

EUR-OCEANS/CARBOOCEAN Summer School 2007, Kiel, Germany

E2C2-GIACS Advanced School "Extreme Events: Nonlinear Dynamics and Time Series Analysis", Comorova, Romania (3-12/09/2007).

ISSAOS 2007, "Integrated Ground-Based Observing System Applications for Climate, Meteorology, and Civil Protection ", L'Aquila, Italy (03-07/09/2007).

Second International Conference on Earth System Modelling at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, DE (27-31/08/2007).

NCCR summer school on Land Surface – Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Climate, Grindelwald, CH (26/08 – 31/08/2007).

Workshop on Application of Remotely Sensed Observations in Data Assimilation, College Park, USA (23/07 – 10/08/2007).

Meeting "Our changing planet", Perugia, Italy (2-13/07/2007).

UK-IGBP meeting on "Paleo and Modern perspectives on global change", London, UK (27/06/2007).

"Atmosphere-Ocean Convection in Climate Dynamics", Valsavarenche, Valle d'Aosta, Italy (18-27/06/2007).

Summer school Ecohydrology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (11-15/06/2007).

MC-RTN ModObs Summer School on Air-Sea Interaction, Castro Marina, Italy (11-15/06/2007).

Summer colloquium on regional methods in biogeochemistry, Boulder, USA (4-15/06/2007).

Summer school on "Global Environmental Change: Processes, Compartments and Interactions", The Netherlands (18/05-24/05/2007).

Fundamental Concepts of High-Performance Computing Course, HPCx, Edimbourgh, UK (24-26/04/2007).

Course on Science Communication to Non-scientists, DG - JRC, Ispra, Italy (2-4/04/2007).

QUEST Open Science Conference, Oxford, UK (26-29/03/2007).

Meeting "Understanding Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Climate System:the Role of Earth Observation from Space", at the Royal Society, London, UK (14/02/2007).

ERCA, Grenoble, France (08/01 – 10/02/2007). Read more on ERCA-2007


CarboOcean summerschool, Bergen, Norway (18-25/06/06).

Monitoring and Modelling of the Earth System, ESA, Frascati, Italy
(31/07/06 - 11/08/06).

QUEST Earth-System school, Bristol, UK (04-15/09/06)

Summer School on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output, Venice, Italy (11/09-13/09/06).

METIER research school on remote sensing and the atmosphere, Ispra, Italy (25/09-29/09/2006).

NitroEurope summerschool on Methods to study microbial nitrogen turnover and the formation of greenhouse gases (02/10-13/30/06).

Open Science Conference on the GHG Cycle in the Northern Hemisphere Sissi-Lassithi, Crete GR, 14-18/11/06/06.

CarboEurope summerschool, Namur, Belgium.

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  MarieCurie-iLEAPS (Marie Curie-Series of Events)
Methods in interdisciplinary environmental research (Marie Curie-Series of Events)
IIAS-Young Scientist Program

HPCX training courses (including a supercomputing course)
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