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Field work Siberia: 2 – 18 July, 2007

Roxana Petrescu


Yakutsk, Chokhurdagh, Kytalyk Research Station in Siberia (70oN, 147oE) (Russian Federation).


The field visit was part of a larger expedition (7 persons) from VUA and its research partners to the Spasskaya Pad and Kytalyk Research Stations, both in permafrost environments in Siberia.


Field training and fieldwork to improve knowledge of permafrost soil processes and permafrost hydrology and to gather supporting data for the modelling of methane fluxes.


1. Water discharge measurements
2. Measurements of the water table level (2 pipes were installed, one in the higher part of the tundra (plateaus) and one in the flooded river floodplain)
3. Ice core permafrost drilling (sampling on a 60x150 m grid)
4. Soil sampling to measure the permeability of 3 different soil types (organic peat, silty clay and silt)
5. Methane flux measurements along a transect (from the wet floodplain to the dry plateaus)
6. Active layer monitoring and measurements along the methane plots transect

Click on the icon to see the notebook Roxana made from her field trip:

Siberian field trip

Roxana thanks the European Community's Sixth Framework Programme for its support to this fiels trip.



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