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GREENCYCLES Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Research and Training Network: News

2008 News
20-24 October 2008  
Federica Pacifico (ESRII) will visit Neil Cape and Pawel Misztal at CEH Edinburgh and Paul Palmer at the University of Edinburgh.
30 September - 10 October 2008  
Federica Pacifico (ESRII) will visit the partner ULUND for a two week secondment. There, she will work with Almut Arneth and Anna Ekberg.
22-24 September 2008  

Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) participated to the conference on "Climate change impacts and adaptation: Dangerous rates of change" organised by Met Office and Exeter University, Exeter, UK.
Tomek will present two posters, one on "Fire model coupled with HadCM3LC – the principles" and the second about "Comparison of methods in fire model parameterisation".

15-17 September 2008  
Adam Durant (ER5) attended the 3rd International Workshop on Mineral Dust, Leipzig, Germany.
7-12 September 2008  
Federica Pacifico (ESRII) presented a poster at the 10th IGAC Conference, France.
August 2008  

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (protector of the Swedish IPY activities) visited the Greencycles site Stordalen. To read more on this visit (in Swedish)...

1 August 2008  
Sönke Zaehle started his Marie Curie Reintegration Grant (ERG) JULIA "Joining ecophysiological Understanding and global ecosystem modelling for improved simulation of Land surface Interactions with the Atmosphere" at the MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany.
15-17 July 2008  
Raquel García González (ESRI-CEA), Sönke Zaehle (ER1-CEA) and Trevor Keenan (ESRVIII-CREAF) visited Andrew Friend (UCAM-DGEOG) to discuss the results of their collaboration.
14-28 July 2008  
Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) is visiting the Greencycles partner Insituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), Lisbon, Portugal. He works with Yannick le Page and Jose Pereira on modelling fires and land cover change.
2-3 July 2008  
Adam Durant (ER5) visited Kostas Tsigaridis at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, USA. They will be working on modelling the radiative effects of dust.
30 June-6 July 2008  
Ben Poulter (ER3) participated in a summerschool on uncertainty in ecosystem modelling, Aberdeen University, UK.
24-25 June 2008  
Sönke Zaehle (ER1) participated in the annual meeting of the CarboEurope-IP integration componant at the partner MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany
23-26 June 2008  
Meike Vogt presented a poster at the AMEMR Symposium in Plymouth, UK
23-25 June 2008   Adam Durant (ER5) visited Yves Balkanski at the partner CEA.
20 June 2008   Sönke Zaehle (ER1) visited Colin Prentice and the QUEST core team at the partner UBRIS, Bristol, UK.
4 June 2008  
Meike Vogt submitted her PhD thesis.
19-23 May 2008  
Meike Vogt attended the "International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the Oceans" and won a prize for the best student poster about her modelling work.
May 2008  
Raquel García González (ESRI) visited Andrew Friend (UCAM-DGEOG) to discuss her project.
15 May 2008  
Adam Durant (ER5) has an article published in Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres: "Ice nucleation and overseeding of ice in volcanic clouds". Link to publisher's website
28 April 2008  
Adam Durant (ER5) participated in a public discussion forum on “Volcanoes, dust, and climate”, Science Café, Bristol, a subset of the National Café Scientifique organisation, as an invited speaker.
April 2008  

GREENCYCLES network organised a session at the EGU General Assembly 2008. To read more on the EGU-2008 session organised by Greencycles...

To view the posters of the session...
19-21 March 2008  
Sönke Zaehle (ER1) gave a talk at the meeting of the Fast Track Initiative on Plant Functional Types at the Ministry for Higher Education, Paris France.
17 -19 March 2008  

Adam Durant (ER5) gave a talk on " Realistic treatment of radiative forcing by mineral aerosols", QUEST Annual Science Meeting, Winchester, UK.
13 -26 March 2008  
Roxana Petrescu (ESRXI) carried out a secondment at the partner TAS (Thales Alenia Space).
13 -14 March 2008  
Meike Vogt attended the WWF workshop on "The Impact of the Oceans on Climate" in London, UK. The results of the workshop will be summarized in a WWF report for use in policy making.
March 2008  
Adam Durant (ER5) features as a co-author on an article published in Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences: "Reply" to a previously-published review article on the formation of mammatus clouds.
Reply article, Review article
March 2008  
Marcin Jackowicz-Korczynski (ESRX) carried out a secondment at the partner UBRIS (University of Bristol).
4-8 March 2008
Sönke Zaehle (ER1) was invited to the DIVERSITAS workshop "Advanced prediction of biome boundary shifts in regional and global dynamic vegetation models" held at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Yokohama, Japan.
February 2008  
Sönke Zaehle (ER1) visited Ben Poulter (ER3) at Potsdam to discuss his work on modelling tropical ecosystem dynamics.
February 2008  
Raquel García González (ESRI) and Sönke Zaehle (ER1) visited Andrew Friend (UCAM-DGEOG) to discuss their projects.
18 January 2008  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) attended ELSA (The Earth and Life System Alliance) meeting in Norwich, UK. ELSA is a unique multi-disciplinary Alliance integrating world-class experts in biological, earth and social sciences. Several talks were given concentrating around a core theme: Elemental cycles that sustain life and climate.
7 January 2008
Federica Pacifico (ESRII), Trevor Keenan (ESRVII) and Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) attended ERCA 2008. Andrew Friend (Greencycles co-ordinator) and Andrew Watson (Greencycles scientist in charge) will give lectures. Read more on ERCA 2008...

3 January 2008
25 March 2008

Yannick Le Page (ESRIX) carried out a secondment at the partner VUA to collaborate with G. van der Werf on the influence of various fire drivers on fire incidence (climate, landcover, human activities, etc) using fire remote sensing data.

2007 News

5-6 December 2007  
Adam Durant (ER5) gave a talk on "Dust radiative forcing", QUEST Theme 2 Meeting, Bristol, UK.
4-7 December 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) attended the IP CARBOOCEAN Annual Meeting in Bremen, Germany. He gave a talk on "Mapping Sea Surface pCO2 In The North Atlantic - Bringing VOS measurements to the global context". He discussed possible application of his research with Nicolas Metzl, Rik Wanninkof and Lilianne Merlivat, all senior scientists in marine biogeochemistry.
4 December 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) visited Matt Woodhouse at the University of Leeds to collaborate on DMS ocean-atmosphere fluxes and cloud condensation nuclei formation.
3 December 2007  
Helena van der Merwe (ESRXIII) joined the department of Geography of the University of Cambridge. She will work on "Spatial Feedbacks" with Andrew Friend.
3 December 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) attended the MAREMIP Meeting (Marine Ecosystem Modelling Intercomparison Project) in Cambridge, United Kingdom. 
15-17 November 2007  
Adam Durant (ER5) gave a talk entitled "Dust radiative forcing" at the First Meeting of the QUEST Working Group on Dust, Exeter, UK
November 2007  
The work of Yannick Le Page (ESRIX) is published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussion. Link toward the article Global fire activity patterns (1996–2006) and climatic influence: an analysis using the World Fire Atlas.
November-December 2007  
Valentina Sicardi (ESRVI) carried out her secondment at the University of Norwich (UEA).
24-25 October 2007  
Anna Lourantou (ESRXII) gave a talk at the "3ème journées jeunes chercheurs" organised by the French Society of Stable Isotopes (SFIS), at Lyon, France.
October- November 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) participated in SOLAS Summer School. He presented a poster and gave a talk on neural network mapping. When wide palette of air-sea interactions was the main topic of the scientific lectures, geo-engineering, policy making and publishing issues were also deeply discussed during this multidisciplinary summer school which took place in Cargese, France (Corsica).
16-19 October 2007  
Yannick le Page (ESRIX), Frederica Pacifico (ESRII) and Sönke Zaehle (ER1) as well as senior scientists from the University of Lund, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement and the MetOffice participated in a Marie Curie-iLEAPS Workshop entitled Towards a process-based description of trace gas emissions in land surface models. To read more on this training programme...
15 October 2007  
Anna Lourantou (ESRXII) presented her results to the EPICA community at Bernin, France.
11-14 October 2007  
Anna Lourantou (ESRXII) participated in the "fête de la science" at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie. She explained why scientists study air bubbles in ice cores.
11-12 October 2007  
Adam Durant (ER5, UBRIS) And Sandy Harrison visited Yves Balkanski (CEA-LSCE) to discuss on dust modelling.
3-4 October 2007  
Marlies Gumpenberger(ESRIII), Sarah Shannon (ESRVII), Yannick Le Page(ESRIX), Roxana Pestrescu (ESRXI) and Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) attended the GREENCYCLES workshop on Remote Sensing at Cannes, France.
26-28 September 2007  
Anna Lourantou (ESRXII, CNRS), Adam Durant (ER5, UBRIS) and senior scientists from the University of Bristol and from the University of East Anglia attended the INSU/QUEST-DESIRE meeting at Totnes, UK. To read more on QUEST-DESIRE project...
10-21 September 2007  
Marcin Jackowicz-Korczynski (ESRX) and Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) participated in the QUEST summer school, organised by the GREENCYCLES partner "University of Bristol". Tomek gave a talk on "Fire modelling in Met Office/Hadley Centre". Read more on QUEST-ES4 2007...
17 September 2007  
Three Greencyclists Experienced Researchers, Nick Stephens (ER4), Sönke Zaehle (ER1) and Ben Poulter (ER3) publish an article on the Greencycles network in the EOS newsletter of the AGU. To read more on this article in EOS...
10-14 September 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) participated in EUR-OCEANS/CARBOOCEAN Summer School organized by the IFM-GEOMAR (Kiel, Germany). The core theme of the School was combining data and models, with the main focus on statistical analysis and data assimilation in biogeochemical oceanography.
12 September 2007  
Roxana Petrescu (ESRXI) and Marcin Jackowicz-Korczynski (ESRX) publish in Biogeosciences Discuss. an article on "Modelling CH4 emissions from arctic wetlands: effects of hydrological parameterization". Link toward the article...
6-7 September 2007  
Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) participated in FREEVAL (Fire Radiative Power EVALuation) project meeting, held in European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading, UK. He gave a talk on "Hadley Centre: fire-related activity".
20 August 2007   Meike Vogt (ESRV) gives a talk the ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. 
12 July 2007  
3-7 July 2007  
Anna Lourantou (ESRXII) visited AWI in Bremerhaven and collaborated with Peter Köhler on the BICYCLE model. The aim of this visit was the optimal interpretation of LGGE 13C paleodata with a recently validated carbon cycle model.
3 July 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) gave a talk on "North Atlantic surface water pCO2 maps by a neural network approach and multiple linear regression." during GlobColour (European Space Agency DUE Project) User Meeting, Norwich, UK.
2-18 July 2007  
Roxana Petrescu (ESRXI) is in Kytalyk Research Station, Siberia, Russian Federation. Her fieldwork is aimed to improve knowledge of permafrost soil processes and permafrost hydrology and to gather supporting data for the modelling of methane fluxes. To read more on Roxana's field trip in Siberia...
26-29 June 2007  
Sönke Zaehle (ER1) is visiting the CREAF to discuss with Raquel García González and Trevor Keenan.
18 June 2007  
Federica Pacifico (ESRII) has joined the Met Office as Early Stage Researcher (ESRII). She will work on "Modelling BVOC emissions and their impacts".
11-15 June 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) gave a series of talks in high schools in Poland. Presentation given in 5 high schools was titled: "What's wrong with the hot summer?". The aim was to communicate climate change science to young (16-17 years old) people in rural Europe. He has also presented the Greencycles network and mentioned few words about our scientific mission. Read more about these conferences...
June 2007  
Sarah Shannon (ESRVII) visits for one week the LGGE, Grenoble, France. She presents her last results and prepares her next secondment.
7 June 2007  
Yannick Le Page (ESRIX), Sergey Venevsky and José Pereira (ISA) organize a meeting at the University of Leeds on "validation and comparison of coupled and uncoupled fire models".
2-4 June 2007  
Ben Poulter (ER3) attends the AIMES-QUEST workshop for Young Scientists on "Modelling Land Use-Decision Making", Bristol, UK.
30 May-1 June 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) attends the 6th Green Ocean project meeting at Villefranche-sur-mer, France. She gives a talk on "Impact of ecosystem composition on the DMS cycle" and participates in discussions groups.
7-12 May 2007  
Ben Poulter (ER3) attends the iLeaps Marie Curie Training Course on “Integrated measurements over land ecosystem atmosphere boundaries” at Hyyiälä, Helsinski, Finland.
3 May 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) presents a poster on DMS and ocean acidification at:" An ICES Workshop on the Significance of Changes in surface CO2 and Ocean pH in Shelf Sea Ecosystems (WKCpH)", London, UK.
30 April 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) holds a seminar at the University Bern, Institute for Climate- and Environmental Physics, Switzerland.
23-27 April 2007  
Marlies Gumpenberger (ESRIII) attends the Metier course on 'Remote Sensing of the Land Surface'.
15-20 April 2007  

Anna Lourantou (ESRXII), Marlies Gumpenberger (ESRIII), Roxana Petrescu (ESRXI), Nick Stephens (ER4), Marcin Jackowicz-korczynski (ESRX), Yannick Le Page (ESRIX), Ben Poulter (ER3) and Sönke Zaehle (ER1) attend EGU 2007. Read more...

11-14 April 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) presents a poster ''Neural networks as a technique for reconstructing marine pCO2 fields in the North Atlantic using in situ, reanalysis and remotely sensed data.'' at Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerability (SOCOV) Workshop at IOC/UNESCO, Paris, France.
April 2007  
Yannick Le Page (ESRIX) starts his three-month secondment at the Met Office. He will collaborate with Richard Betts, Tomek Kasikowski and Sergey Venevsky (University of Leeds) on "validation and comparison of coupled and uncoupled fire models".
March 2007  
Raquel García González (ESRI) starts her three-month secondment at the CREAF. She will collaborate with Trevor Keenan (ESRVIII) to compare the two models they are working on.
6-9 March 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) is at the SOLAS Open Science Conference in Xiamen, China, 2 posters on 1) DMS modelling and 2) DMS under enhanced pCO2 in a mesocosm experiment, discussion session on CODIM (see below)
5-7 February 2007  
Meike Vogt (ESRV) and Nick Stephens (ER4) are in Plymouth at the AMEMR workshop, "Skill assessment of plankton functional type models on a global scale"
5 February 2007  
Tomek Kasikowski (ER2) has joined Greencycles at the Met Office, UK, as experienced researcher.
8 January 2007  
Maciek Telszewski (ESRIV) started his 3 months secondment at LSCE, France. There, he will be focused on developing, using Fortran and Matlab, an appropriate neural network.
January-February 2007   Two Greencycles Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) as well as a Greencycles Senior Scientist are participating in ERCA 2007 - the European Research Course on Atmospheres. Read more...

December 2006  
Meike Vogt is in Brussels for CODIM workshop, an international workshop on the intercomparison of prognostic ocean DMS models
November-December 2006   Maciej Telszewski is somewhere in the North Atlantic on board RRS Discovery. The SOLAS-DOGEE cruise is aimed to experiment deep ocean gas exchange. Read more...
October-December 2006  
Roxana Petrescu is visiting the University of Lund in Sweden for her secondment. She is working with Torben Christensen and Marcin Jackowicz-Korczynski on modelling methane (CH4) missions from tundra wetlands with Peatland model - a comparison between 2 sites, Chokurdagh (Siberia) and Stordalen (N Sweden). She has spent 10 days at Abisko in Laponia to work with Marcin.
13 November 2006  

Anna Lourantou started her secondment at the LSCE in France. She will stay three months collaborating with Elisabeth Michel, Laurent Bopp and Didier Paillard. She will constrain already developed models with the δ13C results she obtained during her experimental work at LGGE.

16-19 October 2006  
Anna Lourantou gave a talk on her results on δ13CO2 during the last deglaciation at EPICA meeting, Il Ciocco, Toscana, Italia.

18 September 2006


Trevor Keenan started his two months secondment at the LSCE in France, working together with Raquel Garcia Gonzales on Modelling Mediterranean Ecosytems.

4-15 September 2006  
Eight early-stage Greencyclists participated in the QUEST summerschool, organised by the GREENCYCLES partner "University of Bristol". Read more...
September 2006  
Ben Poulter has joined the Greencycles Network at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany as Experienced Researcher. Read more...
31 May 2006  
Prof W. Cramer at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany, offers a PhD position in ecological / biogeochemical modelling of the Amazon basin, closely related to the work in Greencycles. Read more...
2-6 May 2006  
Meike Vogt, Greencycles Early-Stage Researcher at UEA, Norwich, UK, presented her recent work on DMS emissions at the 4th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Chemistry of DMS(P) and Related Compounds in Norwich, UK. Read more...
26-28 April 2006  
Raquel Garcia Gonzalez, Greencycles Early-Stage Researcher at LSCE, Gif-sur-Yvette, FR, presented her recent results on modelling and evaluating carbon, water and energy fluxes at a MIND workshop in Rome, Italy. Read more...
10-12 April 2006  
Meike Vogt, Greencycles Early-Stage Researcher at UEA, Norwich, UK, presented her recent results on measuring and modelling DMS emissions on the 5th Green Ocean workshop in Villefrance sur mer, France. Read more...
3-7 April 2006  
Trevor Keenan, Greencycles Early-Stage Researcher at CREAF, Barcelona, ES, presented his recent results on modelling BVOC emissions at the IUFRO conference on the affects of climate change on Forests worlwide in Palencia, Spain. Read more...
3-7 April 2006  
Andrew Friend and Sönke Zaehle presented their recent work on diffuse/direct radiation and the role of nitrogen in the terrestrial carbon cycle at the European Geophysical Union general assembly in Vienna, Austria.
January-February 2006  

Five Greencycles Early-Stage Researchers as well as 3 Greencycles Senior Scientists are participating in ERCA 2006 - the European Research Course on Atmospheres. Read more...

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