European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2007

Vienna, Austria, 15 – 20 April 2007

Four Greencycles Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) and three Experienced researchers (ERs) attend EGU 2007.

Marlies Gumpenberger presents a poster on Man-made fires over agricultural areas.

Roxana Pestrescu gives a talk on Modelling methane emissions from arctic wetlands. Slides of her presentation here.

Marcin Jackowicz-Korczynski presents an Annual balance of CH4 fluxes from subarctic peatland on basis of micrometeorological measurements.

Anna Lourantou presents a poster on New stable carbon isotope ratio data of CO2 from Dome C ice over the last deglaciation.

Yannick Le Page presents a poster on Global view of the main patterns of fire activity
variability from 1996 to 2006 using screened ESA World Fire Atlas data.

Nick Stephens gives a talk on Functional representation of nitrogen fixation in a Dynamic Green Ocean Model.

Ben Poulter present his work on Constraining Amazonian ecosystem and biogeochemical responses to variability from IPCC AR4 climate scenarios (poster).

Sönke Zaehle presents results on estimate of the feedback between climate change
and atmospheric N2O concentration


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