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GREENCYCLES Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Research and Training Network: News


European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2008
Vienna, Austria, 13– 18 April 2007


GREENCYCLES network members organises the session BG4.1 'Biogeochemical feedbacks on global climate change' at the EGU General Assembly 2008 on Friday, 18 April 2008.

Session Information - Programme of talks - Posters

Convener: Friend, A.
Co-Convener: Betts, R., Poulter, B., Lenton, T.

This session aims to include research progress on the understanding of biogeochemical controls on the atmospheric concentrations of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, with an emphasis on potential feedbacks resulting from climate change impacts on the surface fluxes of those gases. We are particularly interested in surface fluxes with a strong biological component and wish to give equal attention to marine and terrestrial feedbacks.

This session is supported by the GREENCYCLES network (, and all interested researchers both within and outside the network are invited to submit abstracts.

Programme of the session: Friday, 18 April 2008

3.30 - 3.45 ORAL EGU2008-A-12298
Prigent, C; Papa, F; Rossow, B; Matthews, E
Global wetland dynamic derived from multi-satellite estimates: a 12-year record for hydrological studies and methane emission modelling (solicited)
3.45 - 4.00 ORAL EGU2008-A-06271
Petrescu, A.M.R; van Beek, L.P.H; van Huissteden, J.; Dolman, A.J.
Modelling CH4 emissions from arctic wetlands: from a regional to a global scale
4.00 - 4.15 ORAL EGU2008-A-00706
Pacifico, F.; Sitch, S.; Jones, C.; Harrison, S.; Sanderson, M.
Interactions between natural hydrocarbon emissions, ozone and climate: towards a fully coupled dynamic earth system model
4.15 - 4.30 ORAL EGU2008-A-02320
Keenan, T; Gracia, C; Sabate, S
Mesophyll conductance controls over ecophysiological responses to drought in 6 Mediterranean forest ecosystems – data analysis and modelling
4.30 - 4.45 ORAL EGU2008-A-06267
Poulter, B; Heyder, U; Cramer, W
Modelling the sensitivity of seasonal gross primary productivity to water and light limitations along a tropical forest moisture gradient
4.45 - 5.00 ORAL EGU2008-A-06373
Zaehle, S; Friend, AD; Friedlingstein, P; Schulz, M
Modelling ecosystem nitrogen dynamics to simulate historical and future terrestrial greenhouse gas budgets

Posters of the session: View BG4.1 posters here

POSTER EGU2008-A-07827; BG4.1-1FR3P-0057; Poster Area: BG Area
Friend, A.D.; GREENCYCLES Project Members
Biogenic feedbacks on the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases: overview of the GREENCYCLES network

POSTER EGU2008-A-06938; BG4.1-1FR3P-0058; Poster Area: BG Area
Lourantou, A.; Lavric, J. V.; Schaefer, H.; Köhler, P.; Barnola, J.-M.; Michel, E.; Paillard, D.; Raynaud, D.; Chappellaz, J.
Constraints on the causes of CO2 rise during deglaciations: atmospheric stable carbon isotope ratio of CO2 from Antarctic ice cores

POSTER EGU2008-A-07938; BG4.1-1FR3P-0059; Poster Area: BG Area
Jerry Tjiputra, JT; Christoph Heinze, CH; Karen Assmann, KA; Ingo Bethke, IB; Christophe Sturm, CS
Analysis of land and ocean carbon cycle feedback to future climate change using an earth system modeling approach

POSTER EGU2008-A-09045; BG4.1-1FR3P-0060; Poster Area: BG Area
van der Merwe, H; Friend, A.D.
Quantifying the Effect of Biogeochemical Feedbacks on Global Climate Change

POSTER EGU2008-A-00235; BG4.1-1FR3P-0061; Poster Area: BG Area
Kasikowski, T; Poulter, B; Betts, RA; Boucher, O; Venevsky, S; Golding, N
Optimisation and validation of fire model coupled with Hadley Centre General Circulation Model

POSTER EGU2008-A-02566; BG4.1-1FR3P-0062; Poster Area: BG Area
Le Page, Y.; Venevsky, S.; Pereira, J.M.C; van der Werf, G.
Spatio-temporal representation of biomass burning in a global fire model. Comparison to satellite data and assessment of the fire-driving assumptions.

POSTER EGU2008-A-08772; BG4.1-1FR3P-0063; Poster Area: BG Area
Shannon, S. R.; Lunt, D. J.
Modeling seasonal and interannual changes in mineral dust concentrations using a dynamic global vegetation model

POSTER EGU2008-A-04247; BG4.1-1FR3P-0064; Poster Area: BG Area
Keenan, T; Niinemets, U; Gracia, C; Noe, S; Penuelas, J; Sabate, S
European BVOC emissions: A model comparison, and future emission trends from European forests.

POSTER EGU2008-A-00151; BG4.1-1FR3P-0065; Poster Area: BG Area
Telszewski, M.; Chazottes, A.; Schuster, U.; Moulin, C.; Watson, A.J.; Bakker, D.C.E.
Near-real time maps of the air to sea CO2 flux in the North Atlantic

POSTER EGU2008-A-07929; BG4.1-1FR3P-0066; Poster Area: BG Area
Gumpenberger, M.
Effects on carbon cycle and vegetation dynamics from woodfuel extraction using a dynamic global vegetation model (LPJmL)

POSTER EGU2008-A-10003; BG4.1-1FR3P-0067; Poster Area: BG Area
Sicardi, S
Detecting future changes in ocean circulation from atmospheric oxygen

POSTER EGU2008-A-06420; BG4.1-1FR3P-0068; Poster Area: BG Area
García, R.; Keenan, T.; Zaehle, S.; Friend, A.; Gracia, C.; Sabaté, S.
Ecophysiological responses to drought in Mediterranean forest ecosystems: data analysis and the evaluation of model predictions in drought prone environments

POSTER EGU2008-A-04371; BG4.1-1FR3P-0069; Poster Area: BG Area
van Huissteden, J.; Hendriks, D.M.D; Petrescu, A.M.R; Rebel, K.T.; Berrittella, C.
Sensitivity analysis of a wetland methane emission process model based on temperate and arctic wetland sites.

POSTER EGU2008-A-07931; BG4.1-1FR3P-0070; Poster Area: BG Area
Mikkelsen, TN; Climaite Team
CLIMAITE – a three factor climate change ecosystem manipulation experiment

POSTER EGU2008-A-01150; BG4.1-1FR3P-0071; Poster Area: BG Area
Wohlfahrt, G.; Hammerle, A.; Haslwanter, A.; Bahn, M.; Tappeiner, U.; Cernusca, A.
Diffuse vs. direct radiation effects on the ecosystem CO2 exchange of a mountain grassland: a combined theoretical and experimental study



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