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GREENCYCLES Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Research and Training Network: News


European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2008
Vienna, Austria, 13– 18 April 2007

Poster Session - Talks

Biogenic feedbacks on the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases: overview of the GREENCYCLES network.
Friend, A.D.; GREENCYCLES Project Members
Diffuse vs. direct radiation effects on the ecosystem CO2 exchange of a mountain grassland: a combined theoretical and experimental study
Wohlfahrt, G.; Hammerle, A.; Haslwanter, A.; Bahn, M.; Tappeiner, U.; Cernusca, A.
Sensitivity analysis of a wetland methane emission process model based on temperate and artic wetland sites
van Huissteden, J.; Hendriks, D.M.D; Petrescu, A.M.R; Rebel, K.T.; Berrittella, C.
CLIMAITE – a three factor climate change ecosystem manipulation experiment
Mikkelsen, TN; Climaite Team





Session BG 4.1: talks

Roxana Petrescu Modelling CH4 emissions: from a regional to a global arctic scale





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