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Anna Lourantou

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Postal Address:
Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement (LGGE)
54, rue Molière, Domaine Universitaire BP 96
38402 St-Martin d'Hères

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Current Research: Confronting the global carbon budget: New stable Carbon isotope ratio data of CO2 from EPICA / Dome C ice core over the last deglaciation: experimentation and interpretation

This project belongs to the general framework of International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) which aims towards a better understanding of potential interactions between climate - biogeochemical cycles. The main study interest lies in distinguishing different sources and sinks of major greenhouse gases, in order to better constrain the global carbon budget. This will be achieved by combining experimental work with modelling work, technical know-how with pure scientific research.
During the first year of this PhD thesis, carbon dioxide, CO2 (the major anthropogenic greenhouse gas), as well as its stable isotope ratios,
δ13C and δ18C of CO2 were of particular interest and their in parallel evolution during the last deglaciation (20 to 11 kyrs BP) was registered, having as sampling area the recently drilled ice core of EPICA Dome Concordia in Antarctica. In order to achieve this, an extraction / preconcentration line (already developed in LGGE) is used, connected to a Gas Chromatograph (GC) and an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS). Once the first EPICA Dome C results obtained, some first data interpretation as well as modelling work, by collaborating with LSCE in Saclay, Paris took place. The aim of this modelling work is to better constrain already developped models (box models and models of intermediate complexity) using the obtained data, thus having some information about the mechanisms dominating the last deglaciation period.
In the beginning of 2007, further analytical work on CO2 and its stable isotope ratios measurements for another Termination* is planned to be accomplished. A change of protocol will happen just afterwards, as the whole analytical system will be switched to methane (
CH4) requirements (measuring CH4 mixing ratio as well as its stable isotopic ratios, δ13C and δD of CH4). The second semester of the second PhD year will be dedicated to results interpretation, as well as modelling work with the collaboration of the University of Bristol.
The third year will be normally dedicated to amelioration of the above techniques, scientific papers editing and PhD thesis editing.

This project (ESR XII) contributes partly to science objective 1 (Quantify feedbacks in the global carbon cycle) and partly to science objective 3 (Improve understanding of natural sources of CH4 and their responses to human activities) of GREENCYCLES and has links to the projects of Valentina (ESRVI), Marcin (ESR X) and Roxana (ESR XI)

Curriculum Vitae

01/01/2006 Greencyclist (ESR) at the LGGE, Grenoble, FR
2005 Working experience as scientific attached (domain of fresh waters ; dangerous substances) in University of Liège (ULg), BE
2003 - 2004

Masters student in Oceanography, Meteorology and Environment in University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, FR

1998 - 2003 Diploma of Chemistry (Specialisation in Physicochemical, Analytical and Environmental chemistry) in Aristotle University of Salonica, GR


A. Lourantou, A. Goffart and J.-P. Thomé: "Water Quality Assessment of a recently-refilled Reservoir: The Case of Bütgenbach Reservoir, Belgium" Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management , in press (December 2007 Volume 12, Issue 4).

Fytianos C. and Lourantou A. : “Speciation of elements in sediment samples collected at lakes Volvi and Koronia, N. Greece” Environment International volume 30, issue1, March 2004, pp.11-17

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