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GREENCYCLES Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Research and Training Network


Roxana Petrescu

Phone: +31 (0)20 59 87332
+31 (0)20 59 89940

Postal Address:
Vrije Universiteit
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
Department of Hydrology and Geo-Environmental Sciences
De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Current Research: Hydrology and scaling

This research will focus on the carbon cycle of permafrost ecosystems. The theme of this research is the relation of water and carbon cycles (including CH4) in permafrost ecosystems. The aim of the research is to improve parameterisation of process-based models of CO2 and CH4 exchange, and an assessment of effects of spatial heterogeneity and model resolution. The quantity of water (frozen or unfrozen) plays a key role in many processes and therefore it has to be ensured that the water balance is modelled accurately. The hydrologic output of the models will be validated against field observations of runoff, soil moisture and evapotranspiration.

This project contributes to the science objective 3 (Improve understanding of natural sources of CH4 and their responses to human activities) of GREENCYCLES and has links to the projects of Marcin (ESR X).

Curriculum Vitae

Since February 2006
PhD Student and Greencycles ESR at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Hydrology and Geo-Environmental Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sept. 2005 – Jan. 2006
2005 (March-July)
Traineeship at EURELECTRIC – “Union of the Electricity Industry”, Brussels, Belgium
Traineeship at the European Commission, DG Environment, Forest Unit, Brussels, Belgium

MSc. ENVIROFOOD “Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production” at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany (

BSc. at the University for Technical Studies –“Politehnica Bucharest”, The Faculty of Energy Studies, with specialization in Environmental Engineering.

Publications (and presentations)

A. M. R. Petrescu, J. van Huissteden, M. Jackowicz-Korczynski, A. Yurova, T. R. Christensen, P. M. Crill, K. Bäckstrand, and T. C. Maximov: Modelling CH4 emissions from arctic wetlands: effects of hydrological parameterization, Biogeosciences, 5, 111-121, 2008. Link toward this article...

M. K. van der Molen, J. C. van Huissteden, F. J. Parmentier, A. M. R. Petrescu, A. J. Dolman, T. C. Maximov, A. V. Kononov, S. V. Karsanaev, and D. A. Suzdalov, The seasonal cycle of the greenhouse gas balance of a continental tundra site in the Indigirka lowlands, NE Siberia, Biogeosciences Discuss., 4, 2329-2384, 2007

Van Huissteden, J., A.M.R. Petrescu, D.M.D. Hendriks, A.J. Dolman 2006b. Comparison of arctic and temperate wetland methane fluxes. Third International Conference THE ROLE OF PERMAFROST ECOSYSTEMS IN GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE August 28-31, 2006, Yakutsk, The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.

Van Huissteden, J., C. Berrittella, A.M.R. Petrescu, 2007, Modelling of methane fluxes from northern wetlands in modern and glacial climates. Third international workshop on C/H20/Energy balance and climate over boreal regions with special emphasis on eastern Eurasia, January 29-31, 2007, Nagoya, Japan.

EGU 2008: talk on Modelling CH4 emissions: from a regional to a global arctic scale

EGU 2007: talk on Modelling methane emission from arctic wetlands.

July 2007: Field work in Siberia

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