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GREENCYCLES Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Research and Training Network



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Scientific Goal

In order to achieve the scientific goal of reducing uncertainties associated with biogenic feedbacks on global environmental change, the Network will help to advance the understanding of the key biogeochemical processes that control the atmospheric content and distributions of radiatively active gases and aerosols and assess their interactive behaviour with the coupled land-atmosphere-ocean system.

The Network is aiming to achieve this through the pursuit of six key science objectives, each involving different individual research projects from Greencycles Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) and Experienced Researchers (ERs):

1. Quantify feedbacks in the global carbon cycle

ER 1: Terrestrial ecosystem process modelling and global feedbacks

ER 3: Terrestrial carbon/climate coupling and hotspots

ER 4: Ocean biology and carbon fluxes

ESR I: Ecosystem Processes in Mediterranean and Mountain Zones

ESR IV: Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 flux observations

ESR VI: Global atmospheric CO2 RS data assimilation system

ESR VIII: Ecosystem physiology and C/water dynamics

ESR XIII: Quantifying the Effect of Biogeochemical Feedbacks on Global Climate Change

2. Determine the effects of changing land use on climate

ESR III: Effect of agricultural biomass burning and deforestation on the global carbon cycle

3. Improve understanding of natural sources of CH4 and their responses to human activities

ESR X: Methane processes and controls

ESR XI: Hydrology and scaling

ESR XII: Global constraints from icecores

4. Quantify impacts of climate change and climate variability on fire-induced emissions of greenhouse gases

ER 2: Land-use and fire: global budgets of GHGs

ESR IX: Fire observations and prediction

5. Quantify impacts of climate change on terrestrial and oceanic biogenic emissions of aerosols and chemically active gases, and their effects on tropospheric chemistry

ESR II: Modelling BVOC Emissions and their Impact

ESR V: Ocean carbon cycle and DMS

6. Quantify impacts of vegetation and climate changes on atmospheric dust, and its feedbacks on CO2 and climate.

ER 5: Climate forcing by dust and CH4

ESR VII: Global dust sources and consequences


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