Network Meetings

NMC_GroupThe GREENCYCLESII project has held annual Network Meetings throughout the project. These meetings enabled the various boards and Work Packages to meet in person and discuss the Network's progress so suggestions of amendments or adjustments could be made to ensure the continued success of the project.

During each meeting, the Network Fellows had opportunities to present their research tasks and receive feedback from network Senior Scientists, outside experts and other Fellows.

The locations of the meetings were chosen to reflect the wide geographical area covered by the GREENYCLESII Network and teleconferencing, videoconferencing and internet streaming were all employed to ensure that members of the Network could participate from even the most remote locations.

  • Annual Network Meeting (NMA): Kick-off Meeting, Cambridge UK - 11-12 March 2010
  • Annual Network Meeting (NMB): Evora, Portugal - 16-18 March 2011
  • Mid-term review meeting (MTR): Paris, France - 10-11 October 2011
  • Annual Network Meeting (NMC): Abisko, Sweden - 13-15 March 2012
  • Annual Network Meeting (NMD): Dartington Hall, Exeter UK - 12-13 March 2013.